Dear Limaxist!

We are very proud to host a very special and unique edition this year: "LIMAX on Lake"!

As you may know our LIMAX is one of the craziest parties in town. Dancing naked to electronic beats in a club. How crazy is that? But we can even get crazier. This time we chartered a boat - same party, different location. Isn't it silly?

The boarding will ‪start at 6.30 p.m.‬ opposite of the Mercedes-Benz-Arena (former O2-Arena). ‪At 7.00 p.m.‬ the boat hoists its anchors.

We know you can't wait to get nacked but please don't undress before you are on board 😉

At the entrance you'll get a plastic bag. On board put all your clothes into the bag and hand it to our sexy wardrobe guys. You also get a belly bag where you can put all your belongings like cigarettes, cell phone, money, and other valuables into. Please don't put any valuable things into the plastic bag!

Our legendary DJs will set the boat on fire! If the weather is good enough you can also dance on the rooftop directly under Berlins fabulous sky. Our route will be from Mercedes-Benz-Arena to Müggelsee and back. We plan to disembark ‪at midnight‬. Let's have an amazing time!

Please be aware that the boat has limited capacities. We can sell at most 110 tickets.

Some important rules already:

Smoking is allowed on the rooftop of the boat only! Please always attend to the staffs orders. The wardrobe is not taken care of the whole time but only during boarding and disembarking. So please put all your valuables into the belly bag! Zero tolerance at GHB/GBL use! Note that if we have to make an extra stop we will charge the person that is responsible for it.

Let's dance naked as if there is no tomorrow! Only the sky is the limit! Get your booty on our boaty.

Your LIMAX team



46,00 EUR plus 3,60 EUR booking fee


Moorings Mercedes Benz Arena