The Hottest Party In Town

You ever thought of dancing naked to hard electronic beats in a vibrating atmosphere? Come to our event at December 12th 2017. Bring your friends and let's have a fantastic night. We have three top DJs that raise the roof of the club.

Dresscode: strictly naked but shoes.

Every gender is welcome! You just have to be tolerant and respectful. Enjoy life!

Resident DJs


Daniel White
(136 Grad)



Dear Friends,

at this point we want to answer some frequently asked questions:

Doors are running from 11.00 p.m. to 3.00 a.m. At the desk you either show your online ticket or pay the cover. We only accept cash! Please try to have the exact amount since we don't have that much change. You will get a bag and a number. You put all your clothes and other stuff into the bag and just leave on your shoes. Our friendly staff will stow your bag safely. The drinks at the bar will be billed on your number. You pay the bill, when you leave our venue.

For payment we accept cash and credit cards. So don't panic if you don't have enough cash.

Please note that cell phones and cameras are not allowed inside the club!

Why do I have to be naked?

Well, that's part of the concept. Honestly, the idea to dance naked makes most of us nervous - us too! Often people think like "Am I attractive enough?", "In former days I was much better in shape.", or "I'm too old for that.". We want everyone to experience his or her personal freedom. Being naked can do this. Since everyone is naked it connects people on a deeper level. It's going to be more intimate. It reduces distance. It opens up minds. Our last events showed us that this creates a extraordinary spirit, a pulsating atmopshere. In Germany Nudism is very common since decades. An exceptional spirit for people of all ages. Most of us have the same fears and sorrows but together we will have fun and after only 30 minutes you won't notice that you are naked anymore. Respect, tolerance and fun - that's what we count on. You will be accepted as you are! But be careful, it might addict you ;-)

Will there be sexual intercourse?

LIMAX is not a sexparty! But it has a very erotic touch though. Best electronic music, hot vibes, and sweaty torsos. This can make some guys horny though. That's why we have an extra darkroom where you can have sex if you are up to. Feel free! But please also respect other guests that just want to dance naked!

You have further questions? Write us!



12 Eur + bookingfee

at the door

15 Eur



10961 BERLIN